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zef-studio is a companion application to help you visually explore the data stored in zef.
It's free provided that you have signed up for a ZefHub account

Getting started

ZefStudio is a web application, so there is no need to download and install any software to run it.
To start it simply make sure you have the latest version of zef installed pip install zef and run the following commands to get started.

# Import nessasary zef packages  
from zef.core import *
from zef.ops import *
from zef.graphql import *

# Pull the graphs that you want to explore
worduel_graph = Graph("some/graph")

# Fire up zef studio server and open connection in browser
d = FX.Studio.Start() | run


Options can be passed to the FX.Studio.Start() command as arguments.
Eg: FX.Studio.Start(report_errors=True).

report_errorsNoFalseSends crash reports to the zef team to help improve the product

Interacting with zef studio

TODO: screenshots