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Prepare a Graph

Creates a graph and instantiates something

from zef import *
from zef.gql import *
from zef.ops import *

g = Graph()
(ET.Person["p1"], RT.Owns, ET.Dog["d1"]),
(Z["p1"], RT.Name, "Jeff"),
(Z["d1"], RT.Name, "Charlie"),
] | transact[g] | run

Autogenerate a GraphQL Schema

We can easily autogenerate a GQL schema from the graph's data structure:

actions = auto_generate_gql(g) # this generates a set of actions for a transaction
my_schema = actions | transact[g] | run | get['schema_root'] | collect

Now we have a GQL schema defined on the graph g.

Explore with the GQL Playground

"type": FX.GraphQL.StartPlayground,
"schema_root": my_schema,
"port": 5005,
}) | run

Running the effect starts a Playground server in the background on the user's machine and starts a browser.

GraphQL Playground

Launch Server

"type": FX.GraphQL.StartServer,
"schema_root": my_schema,
"path": '/my-api',
"port": 6000,
}) | run

Now a server is running in the background and can be queried at localhost:6000/my-api