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Zwitch-ing info messages

Controlling information messages

The zwitch interface controls the kind and level of information messages that are displayed to stderr. Options are controlled by, e.g. zwitch.zefhub_communication_output(True) and are read by zwitch.zefhub_communication_output(). The options are:

short_outputTruecause the info output to be more concise
zefhub_communication_outputTrueshow messages about connections with ZefHub.
graph_event_outputTrueshow messages about graph updates
extra_quietFalsewhen True will suppress other messages that do not fit into the categories above

Controlling behavior

Some more low-level options are also avaialble that affect behavior rather than output:

allow_dynamic_enum_type_definitionsFalsethese three options override whether ET, RT, or EN creation is allowed. Primarily used for service jobs.
default_rollback_empty_txTrueIf True, any transaction which is empty is undone, leaving the graph in exactly the same state before opening the transaction.
default_wait_for_tx_finishTrueIf True, the closing of a transaction is blocking until all of the data is processed. When a function that closes a transaction returns, the read_head and write_head will be in sync.